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About Us!

The Sahuarita - Green Valley Family Support Network was started in 2012 by a few parents in Sahuarita and Green Valley area that wanted to form a support group for local families with kids, teens, and adults with special needs, as there weren’t many resources in the area. 
Jamie Comeau started a FB group to share information with hopes to reach more families. This group is the main contact for these families, aside from their email and now this website. 

Jamie has a nonverbal son with Autism and a son with Autism and Anxiety disorder. 
Sabia joined the group as a volunteer but one of her sons ended up needing speech therapy services. Thankfully she was already part of the group and knew how to help get him the services he needed. 
So, making this group a success is truly heartfelt and means the world to them. 
Just 2 moms that wanted to make a difference for families like theirs!!

Jamie and Hania spoke with the staff at the Rancho Sahuarita Clubhouse about what they wanted to do for families in/and around the community, and the types of events they wanted to host, to bring the families in the group together. The clubhouse staff agreed to sponsor the groups events, and so far, they have been amazing at helping with it all. 
Jamie, and Sabina, host a themed event almost every month for these families.
The events can be a visit with Santa in December, an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter, or a Valentine’s Dance in February, just to name a few. 

They rely solely on donations, wither it be monetary, food, supplies for specific events, volunteers, gifts of talents, such as DJ's, Photographer, or personal business such as Limo rides for prom & bounce houses for Autism Awareness Day, etc. We are not a nonprofit. Although we hope to be one day.
Sometimes we pay for costs out of our own pockets when the donations just aren’t enough. We do everything we can to make these events a safe and fun environment for the group. 
Aside from the monthly events, we also have play dates for the little ones, Moms Nights Out so the moms can just get a chance to chat and unwind, and when needed we meet up with new families to get to know each other and help with resources as much as we can. 
The closed Facebook page is currently at 559 members.
There, families can ask questions about doctors, specialists, schools, as well as applying for DDD, SSI etc.. Or just have a safe place to vent about hardships they are currently facing with their child’s diagnosis, or journey to get a diagnosis, as well as share in the joy of triumphs and growth with one another!! 

"Our hope and vision for the future is to find a sponsor that can help us with filing to become a 501C-3 to make the group its own nonprofit. 

"Once upon a time we all felt alone in our journeys, and at times even helpless. 
But with this group we have made some amazing connections with other families going through the same struggles of finding the right doctors and therapists for our kids. 
We’ve made lifelong friends who just get it, and our kids have found a place where regardless of their different abilities and diagnosis, they simply belong!!💙"

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